Wednesday, 12 December 2012

LK Twins And Jamsil Stadium

Welcome to Jamsil Stadium, home of the mighty* LG Twins.

Yes, the LG of mega electronic, appliance fame. Pay enough and you get to name the team. On a bright Sunday afternoon in June, the place was packed and rocking, more in the spirit of a Premier League football match. Despite lackluster performance, the fans love their LG Twins team.

Inside the cathedral. First base side is home team fan side, complete with a sea of red thunder sticks.

ASRO - aisle seating room only. Passing on the passion, father to son.

Atop the bleacher seating is a concourse area that's gobbled up by picnickers.

The picnics go hi-tech with portable TVs - pre-game cartoons for the baby. Once the game begins, the channel changes. Dad needs his instant replays and stats updates. Ah, the old pastime with new technology.

*Not so mighty. The LG Twins won titles in 1990 and '94 but haven't sniffed the playoffs since. They have a nickname - DTD, which stands for Down Team is Down or Destined To Descend. Hilarious.

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