Thursday, 31 December 2015

Apartment Living At Casa Mila

One nice thing about touring architectural masterpieces is the fantasy of living in the space. Let's just say the rich left behind some nice buildings. Time to check out a Casa Mila apartment.

Hello. Nice front door, complete with viewing screen covering a center hatch. Into the hallway, tracing the circular pattern of the inner courtyard.

Dining room.

Into yee olde kitchen and kitchen breakfast/sitting area. It's not easy to put a square kitchen into a Gaudi room.

Bedroom. Who pays so much attention to doors and frame moulding? That would be Gaudi.

Another bedroom, running into trouble again, trying to place that pesky square furniture. The expansive bathroom, complete with elegant copper hot water heater.

A good view of the outside hallway making an almost U-turn, just beyond the living/dining room space, which is divided with pocket doors.

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