Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Barcelona's Christmas Markets

There are plenty of Christmas markets throughout Europe, each with its own special decorations and food. Barcelona has caganers, featured in an earlier post on this blog, worth checking out. One thing was noticeable about the markets, how seriously the Spanish take their créche building.

You think that crèche is going to build itself? Let's get shopping.

Let's start with the important stuff, incredibly detailed wise men, camels, the backbone of any good nativity scene. You might need a sign - don't want to end up in the neighbor's crèche.

Where's your humble shelter? Welcome to Manger City, all sizes, all types.

Time for some Spain specific features. Olive oil processing and a feast of sausage. Those wise men expect to be fed.
You're gonna need some animals. A lot of animals. Maybe a mouse trap.

Mama pig isn't looking happy. Those babies are really digging in. Oh well, better than the other option, only your leg left, laid out for some jamon carving. It's traditional!

You've got your full set dressing here, foreground, manger area and deep backdrop. The green turf? That's real moss you have to water. We love the background options. Are you going night, day? Full desert or a Bethlehem background?

Choose "wisely," we're sure you'll "crèche" it!

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