Monday, 28 December 2015

Those Crazy Caganers

We introduced the caganer concept in the previous post and wrote about the "giving back to the Earth" motivation. Time to take a look at the variety of available caganers.

Ready to choose?

Here's the traditional caganer, a humble Spaniard, just looking for a place to lay his... in someone's creche. Then it all starts to go crazy. Anyone/thing famous is ripe for the caganer treatment. Fame, be careful what you wish for.

The Fab Four flopping. Great detail, some caganers show expert execution.

Case in point, is that Mick Jagger on the right or a sack of potatoes? Poor Freddie Mercury, he's going to need liposuction. Woody Allen, kind of a combo of the two figures to his left?

More great caganer work, the Horror edition.

An army of strange poop-fellows, all lined up like they're appearing on a talk show.

So, ready to choose?

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