Monday, 7 December 2015

Pulling Back The Iron Curtain At Berlin's DDR Museum

What was life like in East Germany? No there's not an App for that, but a museum for that. Right in Berlin is the DDR museum, filled with all sort of examples of life under Communism, err a Socialist, Democratic Republic. You be the judge.

Life during Cold War time. On display are photos taken with a hidden camera of young people going to each other's houses to listen to records. The real threat, those subversive Western musicians.

You can tell a lot about a country by the car it drives. There's the Ambassador and Padmini of India. In East Germany, your non-choice was the non-mighty Trabant. At the museum, mincing no words about its quality. The interior, a few toggle switches and a speedometer. No gas gauge, too bourgeois (read: expensive). You had to keep track mentally of gas or risk running out, which happened all the time. Wild.

70s fashion, Uniformly swingin'.

An apartment mockup with a special placard warning you about being bugged. How considerate.

Nudity is a German tradition that was proudly practiced and flaunted during communist times. A flashy way to rebel.

Of course, a magazine called Sputnik. "Hello?" Lenin listening, always listening.

They look like typical cameras, only the names have been changed to imitate the Capitalists.

Remember the Trabant? Perhaps considered the People's Car. How about Party bigwigs? Lucky for them, Volvo was more than happy to provide a fleet of Limos. Driving atlas under communism, only a handful of country choices for travel.

By the consumerist 80s, Western goods were the desired currency.

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