Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Estonia Model Green House

The future is now in Estonia, at least when it comes to building green. During a recent workshop on Environment, Science, Technology and Health issues, Sarah and a group of other Foreign Service Officers got an official tour of the Rakvere Smart House Competence Centre. About 100 kilometers east of Tallinn, the place explores the use of smart and intelligent building design and technologies.

The house.

Building green does not mean building boring. The impressive atrium.

Time to check out some of the clever design elements. Asymmetrical window framing, altered to capture best the moving sun. Continuing the theme, solar panels on the roof and a reflective panel to bring the sun inside.

Down in the spotless basement, carefully wrapped utilities, looking a little like Andy Warhol's shiny pillows.

High tech spaghetti.

How the other half shamefully lives. Time to go green or go home!

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