Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Tallinn Festival Grounds

For some reason, the Baltic states are big on belting out a song. They'll get together by the tens of thousands every few years or so and have multiple-day song festivals. Imagine a medieval Woodstock, a Game Of Thrones Idol show.

Equally iconic, at least in Estonia and Lithuania, are the locations for such events, Soviet-era bandshells. The first shell, constructed in Tallinn, was designed by Alar Kotli. It was later copied in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Approaching the entrance, from the back.

Think jumbo clam, with seats inside the shell.

There's an inside part on the back, with restaurants. Who's in the audience?  Why, it's the composer and father of the songfest, Gustav Ernesaks.

He's got a good seat.

In the fall, the bandshell looms like a spaceship.

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