Thursday, 24 December 2015

Old Soviet Monuments Behind The Tallinn Maarjamäe Palace History Museum

Unlike its neighbor to the south, Lithuania, Estonia has yet to establish a permanent home for its old Soviet monuments. One thing was certain, they couldn't stay in the plazas and squares after independence.

Welcome to the monument graveyard, a small area behind Tallinn's city history museum. Somehow the random array of discarded monuments is particularly pleasing in its present, scattered state. A trash heap of history, come alive.

A peek through a back fence.

Always the star, a dominant Lenin.
Getting the Communist story in bits and pieces.

The "Social Realist" sculptures are fantastic, idealized workers, more like cubist comic book heroes.

Lenin head. Or is there a giant body buried?

No doubt, some monuments come packing. Lying (lying) Stalin.

Which allows for a poignant portrait.

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