Monday, 21 December 2015

Maarjamäe War Memorial In Tallinn, Estonia

You want somber? Call in the Russians. During the Soviet-era/occupation of Estonia, The Soviets erected a serene war memorial to the dead - those they lost during a war with Estonia back in 1918. How about that gesture as an ultimate insult, a memorial on your soil against you?

Independence arrived again for Estonia in the early 1990s. The memorial remains, now a grim relic. And a good example of Soviet Brutalist architecture.

The site includes an obelisk.

And a plaza overlooking the Gulf of Finland.

There are also avenues ending in sculptural protrusions, this time a memorial to Soviet soldiers lost fighting the Nazis. Indented hands in the plaza.

Down another avenue.

Completing the trilogy of death, the whole complex is built next to an old German memorial and cemetery, which they dedicated to their soldiers lost during WWII. Got your scorecard right?

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  1. Couldn't they just throw all their celebratory national events there - lots of music, dancing, food, kids running all over, turn that obelisk into a May-pole? It does say a lot to their tolerance if it is all still standing and unblemished.