Wednesday, 9 December 2015

The Weißensee Cemetery In Berlin

A major Jewish landmark that still exists in Berlin? Yes, a cemetery in the Northeast section of the city. Weißensee Cemetery opened in 1880 and there are approximately 115,000 graves there. How did it stay intact? The rumor is the Nazis thought the place was haunted. Their ignorance, the world's gain.

A beautiful fall day in the cemetery.

A peek at the central hall in the background and one of the grave section markers.

The cemetery may still exist but it's been sorely neglected. Nazis, Allied bombs and 45 years of Communism will do that. The tiny Jewish community that still existed had no resources to repair Weißensee. You can see the neglect in overgrowth and crumbling graves.

The flora does provide classic cemetery patina.

There are beautiful mausoleums and crypts, some with ornate tile work.

We weren't there just as tourists. Sarah with the grave of her great grandfather.

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