Sunday, 3 June 2012

Constructing A New Nepal

While wandering the countryside, we happened upon a Nepali version of an Amish barn raising: a group of folks gathered in their village to build a house. OK, maybe it was a regular construction crew, but we didn't see orange vests, hard hats or a taco truck. What we did see was a group of hard-working folks doing back-breaking work.

The scene of rock moving and concrete mixing. The hero house is on the right.

The women, for some depressing reason, did the heavy lifting, moving rocks. At least they worked out a nifty two-person system for shoveling the gravel. One woman heaves the shovel, while another woman yanks a cord at the fulcrum. The men weren't impressed, nor offering assistance. To each their trade.

Woman, the human dump truck of a lot of Asia. Stay in school! The mixing crew, all men, watching the show.


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