Saturday, 9 June 2012

Mighty Machhendranath Mandir

South of Patan's Durbar Square sits the, uhm, "heavily decorated" temple called Machhendranath Mandir. It's of the standard tiered-pagoda style, but what sets it apart from some of the other fine temple examples dotting Nepal is the sheer amount of carving and bright decoration. Nothing was held back.

The temple and rich exterior.

The bliss is in the details. Wow!

The door can't just be a door, it's gotta have so much detail it looks encrusted. Unfortunately, sculptures out front are valuable enough to steal. Now they're in cages, a bit ironic given some of the subject matter.

Even the space behind the obligatory prayer wheels has been painted -- nifty.

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  1. The bliss truly is in the details-- beautiful photographs, thanks for sharing!