Monday, 4 June 2012

Holy Plate Special

There's a curious hilltop temple just south of Kathmandu called Adinath Mandir. It's an unassuming temple with a nice medium pagoda and a little laid back courtyard, nothing really special. Wait, it looks like a blue, as in plate, special exploded all over the thing. What's going on?

It seems the god Lokeshwar must have quite an appetite because worshippers have brought plates, dishes, cups, pots, whole place settings and nailed them to the temple. The world is so hungry for answers.

The plates are everywhere, covering the temple and any other related surface. Not that the dogs notice, unless the plate is horizontal and has something on it.

Why plates? Folklore says newlyweds are looking for a happy marriage, while another tale claims it's a rite of passage for the departed. Feed now, feed later. Feed always!

The patina has patina. Heavily encrusted prayer wheels and candle holders.

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