Sunday, 10 June 2012

Weaving A Brighter Future

There is a large Tibetan population in Nepal and one of the ways they earn a living and better their community is by using one of their fine talents - rug weaving.  It's a huge industry because the rugs are well made, beautiful and in demand. There's a nice cooperative in Patan that cranks out rugs, benefiting elderly and poor Tibetans.

The work is all done by hand, from the spinning of the yarn to the whole weaving process. You can go check out the handiwork to better appreciate the hours of hard work that go into making one rug.

Let the spooling begin!

Careful, too close to a spool and you'll be hypnotized into purchasing many large rugs. Crunching the numbers and the day's progress. It's all about the spool count.

And let the weaving begin. Working on the floor, frequently by only natural light, it's a tough vocation.

A rug in progress. One of the wonderful weavers (all the spoolers and weavers were women, of course).

The finished products, ready to be taken home and loved.

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  1. oooooooooooooo! My favorite post so far! (lona)