Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Death At Dakshinkali

Way down a winding road south of Kathmandu, deep in a forest ravine, where a couple of streams meet sits the Dakshinkali temple. This holy place is no normal Hindu shrine. It's to the Goddess Kali, but showing up with a prayer and a little pooja flower offering isn't the norm. Showing up with a chicken, goat or similar animal and then requesting its sacrifice is.

The temple, down a steep hill out in the woods, already a sign you're at a different type of place.

Worshipers, with and without something to sacrifice.

The place is popular. It's standing room only and get in line.
One of the men doing the sacrificing, tired by 8:30am.

The chosen tool for sacrifice and a head delivered.

A goat meeting the end. Sacrifices are for asking favors. A dog, busy on clean up duty.

A couple of people a little overwhelmed by the scene. Understandable.


  1. Great pix! When I was in Nepal my family sacrificed a goat and then a large squash for the vegetarians.

  2. Stunning pics! Thanks for sharing.