Thursday, 7 June 2012

Kumbeshwar Mahadev Temple, Patan

Patan's oldest temple, called Kumbeshwar, is a unique five tiered beauty with a rich patina. Lots of pooja and candles are offered and the worshippers are busy seeking advice in the courtyard and lining up to pay their respects to Shiva, the honored deity.

The pagoda, looking like a lovely Nepali wedding cake. The scene. Looking bored or looking to God?

Lots of ladies around. Outside the temple, ladies busy selling ghee lamps. Inside, the lady chorus, busy offering songs and chants.

A woman in line, waiting her turn at seeing the deity. Passing the time with a prayer book.

A pooja plate and one of the many men waiting to dole advice to worshippers. 

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  1. I am constantly blown away by the intense and beautiful colors. Terah