Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The Signs Know In Pokhara

Trekkers flock to Pokhara and use it as a base for heading out to hike the Himalayas. You can track the demographic by the signs the town keeps.

It's all laid out for you: Book your trek, return in need of some body-kneading and get your stinky laundry done.

Where to eat? The place named for you! We're not sure if the middle massage graphic is a body or highway interchange illustration.

Have a specific massage need?
To paraphrase a Bob Dylan lyric, "tell me where it hurts you honey and I'll tell you where to get it rubbed."

OK, you're feeling better and it's time to stock up on your reading material. Where else to go but to Mr. Adventure himself, Tin Tin? Oooh, the massage didn't take and you're really not feeling well after that hard trek.  Cheer up, all sorts of bodily fluids can be extracted and tested. Watch out sputam!

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