Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Rail Rations

Whenever we return from somewhere else, everyone always wants to know about the food. "You went to the Taj Mahal? How was the food?" So why not the train?

It was a food free-for-all. Forget a bland dining car, how about a dining platform, vendor stall, wandering samosa men, tea fellas, tiffin meals and anything else you can imagine.

While waiting, how about an impromptu platform picnic with the family?

Didn't bring your own meal? No worries, just wait for one of the many guys selling whatever can be transported on a tray. Everything deep fried, chips and soda, tea, even ice cream. Not hungry? Then you can get a deck of cards, among other items.

Now you're on the train, time for some traveling and chowing. Why skimp? It's another picnic!

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