Sunday, 2 June 2013

French Quarter Architecture In Kolkata

For some reason, Kolkata is filled with buildings that look like they belong in New Orleans' French Quarter. Balconies over ground floor galleries, liberal use of cast iron, and beautiful, intricate railing work. Maybe similar climates give birth to similar architecture. Maybe all the world trade that passed through Kolkata and New Orleans meant architectural styles also were exchanged.

One thing is certain, the beauty of the building style is universal. It's a shame Kolkata hasn't realized the treasures it has and taken historical preservation seriously. There are many good French Quarter-style examples throughout the city, but many structures are in terrible shape and will no doubt be torn down eventually. A shame.

Bourbon Street? More like Banerjee Road.

Old neighborhoods have heavy patina, similar to the French Quarter. A building featuring wrought iron balconies.

This structure has it all going on. Complicated balconies, corinthian columns, beaux art stone look.

Houses also have French Quarter features. A central courtyard, funky old elevator, louvers and intricate railing designs.

One more look at a beautiful building front. Cast iron columns, big overhang and complicated balcony railing.