Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Rabbit Relocation (Goodbye, India!)

It's been a wonderful, adventurous ride for Rabbit and us, but now it's time to go. Our two year tour posted in Chennai, India is up and so we're out.

The movers came the other day, Rabbit with his friend Goose all nervous and huddled together. Don't worry, you guys will be coming!

Being organized and labeling everything in the apartment is crucial. People have had all their passports, car keys packed down the rabbit hole. "No" is a good word to plaster about.

Time to get ready for the boxes weigh in.

Boxing up Rabbit, sad Sarah looking on. It's a wrap on this tour.

The movers were nice enough to give Rabbit his proper ID. Too bad the same can't be said for Talalay. Happens all the time.

Our life, out on street. See you in a year Vilnius! Quick, get to googling, where is Vilnius?

Our first tour for the US State Department was amazing - everything we could have hoped for. The job is exciting and rewarding for Sarah and the endless photo opportunities in India, Asia and beyond have been satisfying for James. We'll miss the colors, the culture and the chaos of India. Thanks for being an amazing host!


  1. I recognize the furniture... but your kitchen is way nice! Safe travels, Mr. Rabbit!

  2. Thanks for all the shots James..bet you will be back to india..once in your blood..good luck

  3. SO envious! We have a friend posted in Vilnius and visited, it's a great little town (might be boring for someone used to nightlife though, we have little kids so we think it is great). While there, go visit the nearby countries, Tallinn is a fairytale city.

  4. Loving Mr. Rabbit. That is just awesome. Good luck and safe travels!