Monday, 3 June 2013

Kolkata Vendors, Part 1

There's no end to the variety of small store owners, vendors and workers plying their trades along the streets of Kolkata. Any block presents a beautiful lineup of the working man.

The key men.

Sundries merchant. The rubber shop workers.
At the butcher.

It's amazing in India what people do to make a living. A tiny stall that somehow accommodates two merchants, dry goods on top, tea on the bottom. The world's smallest mall? On the right, another tea vendor, showing his success by the size of his belly.

The chemical dyes store owner.

Merchants organizing their stock. Hanging out at the paper shop.

These gentlemen sell animal hair.

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  1. Great photos!!! So candid. I found many street barbers when I visited Calcutta. But now I am inspired to go and look in Bombay for similar merchants and take photos. Nice blog, best wishes BombayJules