Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The Darjeeling Daily Sherpa

Sherpas are a people from northeastern Nepal, land of the Himalayas. Living and working on mountains, one adapts to the challenging environment. In Darjeeling, India, the population is about 30 percent Nepali. They've brought their impressive ability to move things with them.

Someone at work; someone at rest. The man on the right is carrying two full propane tanks, an amazing feat. He deserves his break.

A look at a typical load. The tank on the right includes a strap, used to fasten the load. The strap goes around the hauler's forehead. That's right, all that weight is pushed against your head and steadied by your neck. The spot on the path is a well known rest point.

A lonely life.

The contrasts of India, blue collar burden and historical opulence.

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