Wednesday, 19 June 2013

On The Tea Tour In Darjeeling

Yes, going to Darjeeling means checking out tea. Hop in a car, head out of town and invariably you bump into a tea plantation. The hills are alive with tea bushes. And tourists.

A typical, mythical sight. Rolling hills of lush, green tea plants.

The thing to do is stop at a tourist-friendly tea plot and get your picture taken in old fashioned tea-picking garb. These folks aren't the real thing, but families pretending. Sort of like those Wild West old time photo booths back home. "Look Ma, I'm a tea picker!"

When you're done fake picking, time to do some real buying at one of the many field-side stalls. Another look at a view that never gets old.

Time for tea tasting. Off to Puttabong for a little slurping.

Sarah in the tasting room and a tea master getting the selections ready.

Bottoms up from Sarah and her brother Tony.


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