Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Concrete Claims

No one builds with wood in India. It's all bricks and mortar, and the mortar business is quite competitive. How do you "cement" the deal? Advertise!

Practically every building expanse in any small town or village is covered with a painted ad from a cement company. Yellow seems to be the standard theme color, but then you need to make your claim to differentiate yourself from the other guy.

You're the King, right? Stronger, wiser! Whatever, we align ourselves with the awe-inspriring gopuram architecture of the mighty South Indian Hindu temples. Those structures have been around 600 years or more so you can count on the same longevity of our product.

Fine, but ask any engineer and he'll set you straight: we're the guys for the job. Well, we've got some big words: Strength, durability, sustainability. Wow, slipping in a little green mantra also.

Oh, please, none of you guys impresses me. Words, lame references. I laugh at you and your weak campaigns! My name is Maha, I'm a cross between WWE, MMA, Rocky and gladiators. It's an obvious choice.

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