Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Happy 4th Of Chennai

It's the biggest holiday of the year for us in the Foreign Service, the time to flex our patriotic muscle. And with the head of the consulate in Chennai being from Maryland, that only means one thing for our big blowout party: crabs.

Oh, Maryland, our Maryland! Time to head to market and get us a bushel (or, as they say in Chennai, a bunch of kgs). And remember, it's gents we want, only gents!

But first, what could be better on the 4th than a little O's baseball? As luck would have it, dem O's are on the West Coast playing Seattle, meaning a sleep-in time until the 7:30 a.m. start of the game for us. Amazingly small world now, right? Thanks MASN, by way of ESPN Asia, by way of TataSky. Then it was off to check out the day's catch.

We've got our crabs, time for the kg weigh-in, just like they do for a boxing match. The other crucial ingredient, Old Bay. Time to get to steaming.

The finished product, looking good. It could be anywhere in Maryland, except the newspaper gives us away. James patriotically clawing his way through the pile.

Happy 4th around the world, everyone!

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