Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Hand Signed

India has plenty of modern signs and billboards advertising the latest cell phone or other hot consumer product: hair gel, clothes, the usual disposable stuff. The ads are printed on standard sheets of plastic that get stretched on a sign frame.

But the lost art of hand-painted signs isn't so lost, at least not yet. There's something nice about the permanence of the image, painted onto the side of a building or piece of metal. The product is usually more basic and enduring, just like the effort that goes into painting it.

Jewelry is always a commodity, whether at a pawn shop (evidently, the word "pawnbroker" is always in English) or being advertised by a woman not too far removed from Roman mosaics.

The oil isn't just diesel, it's "super" diesel. Which makes sense, as Indians generally use the word super to mean awesome. Just stretch it out a little - "suuuper!"

A watch/clock store with appropriate sign. We like that the brand on the sign is also the town's name. A mural on the end of a store on the grounds of a temple. Defaced just enough with posters, at least caring a bit not to cover the holy man.

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