Monday, 2 July 2012

Rat Patrol

There's no way around the fact that India is dirty, as in trash all over the place. Walk down any street for a block or two and you're bound to pass a trash pile. There can be a symbiotic benefit for cows and goats to graze or folks looking to recycle what they can find. And the municipal boys eventually take trash away.

And then there are rats. We'd expect nothing less, and they don't disappoint. That expression, smoke and fire? It segues beautifully to trash and rats. Surely someone must be doing something about it?

Presenting, rat patrol.  Place your trap in front of your store. Then, hold up your trophy. Cleaning up the country, one caged rat at a time!


  1. Ugh. Just the idea of rats... makes me shiver. Those guys are HUGE!!!