Thursday, 19 July 2012

Facing The Nation

A new season, a new round of political murals. We're not sure if it's election time or just freshen up the image time, but the streets are lined with new murals of all the famous local politicians. The amazing details are just that - the wonderfully painted details. These murals aren't blown up photos or mass-produced posters plastered about, they're hand-painted, one-of-a-kind and the quality is top notch.

Awhile ago we showed you many of the same politicians.  Presenting the 2012 model year. First, the straw that stirs the Tamil Nadu drink, the Chief Minister, Jayalalithaa.

Her beloved mentor, fellow movie star and former Chief Minister, MG Ramachandran. Both are from the AIADMK party, if you're scoring at home. Which you should, because the guy on the right is from another party, PMK. Mind your Ps and As.

Some of the chosen poses are priceless.  "Shhh", says Jayalalithaa to MG, "I am just dominating politics lately!"

Not so fast, say these fellows.  Father and son of the rival DMK party. Keeping score? We especially love the bursting through paper look, kind of like all the rushing team entrances at football games.

And don't forget about us, say these guys from yet another party. We're not sure what -MK party they're from. But we like the faux Renaissance background style, complete with faraway deer. Oh dear!

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  1. I just love the captions that go with your's fun to see India through your eyes - primarily because it's mostly positive, colourful, observant (as opposed to judgemental), and ....well, just so much fun. I keep wishing there was a "Like" button after each blog.