Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Tile Factory Chettinad

People come from all over to commission handmade tiles from Chettinad area factories - and for good reason. They can pick colors and designs and the handmade process produces a long-lasting tile with individuality. We met an excited family busy building their dream home and they insisted that handmade tiles from Chettinad were worth the effort. "You can't get tiles like these anymore," indeed.

A humble factory, in the middle of fields. This form of tile making isn't a high tech process. All you need is some base materials, paint, a skilled tile maker and curing areas. An example of the tiles they produce.

How are the tiles made? start with a glass bottom (tiles are made upside down), add a frame and then a metal paint guide/divider. Pour in your design and then pull the guide. Fill the frame with the tile mixture.

Ta-da! A finished tile, ready for curing. After drying, off to the cleansing bath and you're done. Beautiful.

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