Saturday, 21 July 2012

Drawing A Better Kolam

Every morning in India, someone gets up early and draws a beautiful, geometric design with rice flour outside the front door or driveway. It's for prosperity, good wishes and a little thank you to the bugs that will come and feed on the rice flour.  It's swept away and re-done every day.

Occasionally, you'll find Ronco-like gizmos to make the Kolam drawing go easier or fancier.

Here a gentleman demonstrates what you can do with multi streams instead of one.  Women generally just pour the rice flour out of their hand. Then there's a version that's sort of a cake screen.

Lovely designs. Sort of a silkscreen for Kolams.


  1. WOW!!! Those are SO great!! I used to use chalk in front of my house to make mine. These are a no brainer and I would defintately but a few of those if I were there!! Love it~

  2. So beautiful, just to be swept away. Like the sand paintings of New Mexico and Arizona. Terah

  3. Gorgeous!!! What an amazing way to begin the day. Kind of a moving meditation. It forces you to be in the present and create as well as look at something beautiful. I want to start doing this!

  4. I miss them. It's also about overcoming obstacles which is why there is no beginning and no end in the traditional ones, they are supposed to be drawn with one constant line. Beautiful pics as always! Kataneh