Thursday, 12 July 2012

Katching Kapilesvarasvami

In Tirupati, there are a couple of Hindu temples worth seeing, each with its own unique features. For Kapilesvarasvami, the peaceful setting on the side of a mountain with a waterfall flowing directly into a serene pool is the main attraction.

Gazing out at the main pool.

The architecture reflects the bucolic setting. A small gopuram. The pool is busy, mostly with people cleansing themselves in the holy water.

Or doing a little laundry. Clean everything, right? The laundry, set to dry outside the temple entrance.

Portrait of a lady doing the wash.

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  1. As always, James, your photos are compelling and beautiful. You have a way of capturing the culture in an aesthetic way and providing so much dignity for your subjects and their country. Terah