Saturday, 14 July 2012

Watermelon Time, India

The spring brought a bumper crop of watermelon and overnight the sidewalks were flooded with the fruit. It felt like a Christmas tree sale. Piles of watermelon appeared, the stock moved fast and was never replenished, leaving only beds of straw behind.

A typical pile, taking over a sidewalk.

A cart set up, showing off the fresh product, complete with outrageously colorful, improvised shrine on top. Who wouldn't buy watermelon from this cute boy?

Another seller, smaller and more portable. In sweltering Chennai, a juicy slice of watermelon sells itself.


  1. I would so buy a watermelon from him? Did you? Years ago I was driving though East Texas during watermelon season. Some roadside stands were even giving them away. Sort of like Zuchinni in Kansas. Terah

  2. We didn't buy watermelon from these guys but have eaten our share. The best is actually watermelon juice, so yummy. Thanks for looking!