Wednesday, 12 September 2012

A Sad Day For The Foreign Service

Our hearts go out to the families, colleagues and friends of US Ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens and three other Foreign Service staff members, who died senseless deaths in Benghazi.

We didn't know Ambassador Stevens, but we hear he was a tremendous person, much admired, who really did give his life to public service and the furthering of peace. It's nothing short of disaster to lose a person of his caliber. We're sure the other personnel lost in the attack were equally talented and will be equally missed.

For us, the Foreign Service is a new gig and it's been a wonderful ride, full of new experiences and fantastic adventures. The cultural exchange has been ever educating, enjoyable and most of all, enlightening. We're at a post where the threat of violence is limited and we've been able to move freely. Many colleagues here have served in dangerous posts and/or have military backgrounds, so we've been getting direct knowledge of the reality of living abroad in challenging situations. We understand better the risks, but haven't experienced them. But now, they're not so abstract anymore.

The death of co-workers is devastating -- people who have made sacrifices in their lives and in their families for their chosen careers. They aren't political pawns, but real people with whom we work, trying to improve the world with what the United States offers. We grieve for - and with - fellow members of our team.

Here's a nice blog post from someone who served with Ambassador Stevens.

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  1. I thought of you today and all my friends that live over seas. Terah