Monday, 10 September 2012

Lost In Signlation?

Of course, there wasn't a shortage of signs in Japan where the language got a little lost in translation. But most of the time translation wasn't what made the sign memorable. It was more the style, the subject and how it was treated.

A little over-share on explanation? Oh, why not, just take it all the way through to the Earth disintegrating.

Burly construction guys turn into Manga-like enforcers. Nice eyes. If you have scruples, you won't scribble.

Then there's the apology tack, a fine Japanese trait, with full explanation. Don't hate us for taking your drawing room away, so sorry!

Sleeping - especially on the Tokyo subway - turns out to be a marketing opportunity. This company knows where to find a concentration of its customers.

Oh happy day! You get to clean up after your pup! Shouldn't the dog look happier than the person?

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