Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Tokyo's Fabulous Fish Market

When you think of Japan, you think sushi and its source, the bounty of the sea. To see the world's biggest wholesale fish market, head to Japan's biggest city, Tokyo. The famous Tsukiki market is a giant, sprawling affair, right in downtown Tokyo. Hundreds of different types of sea life are traded, bringing in more than $5 billion a year. That's not chicken feed.

The market, a giant, curved warehouse filled with hundreds of vendors.

Gentleman, start your carving blades. Done, tuna prepped, cell phone checked, just another day at the office.

You want oysters the size of your hand? Not a problem. Fish stock, inventoried and ready to ship out.

Another vendor. Loading a traditional cart.

The loading dock area, little yellow lifts buzzing around, ready to fill the endless parade of trucks.

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