Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Purchasing Mt Fuji

When you go see Mt Fuji and take in its beauty, don't worry about the memory disappearing. The image of the solitary, snowcapped mountain isn't just imbedded in your mind, it's plastered on every souvenir imaginable. And then some.

Here's a typical display in one of the many tourist hotels near Mt Fuji. Bring the mountain to the masses.

The image of Mt Fuji is on all the packaging. What's inside, who knows? How about a Mt Fuji-shaped chocolate crunch, little snow cakes ready for eating.

Not into food? Don't forget some sort of onsen (communal bath) herbs. That's you, the happy couple on the packaging, enjoying a soak and the view. Or maybe the Missus would like a piece of Mt Fuji glass jewelry?

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