Friday, 7 September 2012

The Art Of The Vegetable

And fruits - let's not forget them. In addition to piles of fish at the famous Tsukiji fish market, there's a big wholesale section selling fruits and vegetables. Sort of the landlubber's alternative.

It's box city. What, you wanted to see what the veggies look like? Phuleeze, Google "grape" and let us get on with what makes this market unique.

Yes, the fabulous boxes that hold the goods. They were not an army of brown. Far from it. If you're looking for great graphic design, you can't beat what the fruit and veg people are doing. And keep in mind, this market is wholesale - they're trying to get the attention of grizzled vendors, not moms in a grocery store. But sometimes classic images and scenarios are hard to resist.

A strolling apple in a landscape of yellow - cute. For the serious shogun, a medieval warrior. "Buy my veggies or get the sword!"
Don't want a warrior as your sales figure? Go with a dragon. Back to cute and it doesn't get much cuter than a little girl and her even smaller assistant.
Don't forget the little schoolboy! Carrots get an obvious spokesanimal, the world over. Chomp.

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