Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Globe Taxiing

Most of the Taxis in Japan are a squarish, small limo-looking vehicle made by Toyota that's accurately badged, Comfort. Here's one, patiently waiting for a customer.

Since the taxis look alike, how to express yourself? Inside the cabs, the drivers dress to the nines, complete with white gloves. There are often doily-like seat covers. Outside, personalizing the rooftop globe is your time to shine. Or it identifies the taxi company, what do we know? What we do know is that, like so many things in Japan, a utilitarian item has been give a cute design touch.

Maybe your symbol is an abstract elephant. Or maybe you like to drive the Irish.

A little faux lantern-looking globe is a nice touch. Love never hurts. But who's MK?

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