Monday, 3 September 2012

Having A Sumo Time In Japan

Sumo wrestling is big in Japan (duh) and we were lucky enough to arrive in Tokyo before a tournament's final day. Unfortunately, we were not able to get in because scoring a ticket to the final day of a wrestling tournament is about as tough as attending game seven of the World Series. No matter, the scene out front gave us a nice taste of the sumo culture and a peek at the big boys themselves, as they arrived at the arena. Rock stars in a yukata!

The subway station near the arena had a special sumo cutout displayed for all wanna-be wrestling geeks. Sarah, the ever-suffering model. Not to be outdone, a small bar on the way to the arena had a nice collection of mini sumo dolls lined up on its front window sill. So cute!

The big boys arriving. By taxi? And the taxi features a happy frog taxi globe to boot? Don't worry, their game faces are intact.
And when you can't find a taxi, you and your sumo buddies
just wait at the crosswalk like everyone else. How civilized -- before the shoving begins.

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