Saturday, 29 September 2012

Resting At The Ryokan

A true visit to Japan isn't complete without a stay at a traditional Ryokan-style hotel. We had our Ryokan experience at the Fuji Five Lakes district, a perfect place to relax and immerse ourselves in the ways of Japanese living.

Our ryokan room. Tatami mats, a low table, some pillow chairs. The bedding in the background  is a couple of futons, sheets and duvet-style blankets. It's stored during the day.

While there's a bathroom in each room, bathing takes place at the communal onsen, one of the real treats of staying at a ryokan. Men and women have separate, elaborate bathing areas with a full compliment of shower areas, multiple soaking tubs and perhaps a steam room. Think spa where you also get clean at the same time.

Dinner is also an elaborate affair, details in another post. But you don't need to get gussied up to dine. Here's Sarah, about to eat dinner, sporting the lovely yukata robe given to us during our stay. You get to lounge around the whole hotel in the super-comfy robe - in your room, at dinner, at the onsen, even for a stroll outside, if you wish. The dining area had a village recreation vibe to it. Love the ryokan!

Some of the private dining rooms had enough room for bigger parties, reunions. Just remember to remove your slippers!

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  1. I can feel myself turning green with envy! I love that you are trying to dig into local customs. This sounds awesome.