Thursday, 20 September 2012

Japanese Bathrooms, State Of The (F)art.

God bless Japan and the attention the Japanese pay to bathrooms. While bathroom luxury in the US might mean a bathroom the size of your living room with a 10-person hot tub, in Japan, it's all about tushy technology. Going to the bathroom feels like entering an automatic car wash. The toilets flush, but that's the least of their abilities.

What can you do? Seat warmed, jets for any angle and purpose, adjust water pressure and direction. Our favorite, a button that artificially plays flushing sounds to disguise the other folks in a public bathroom. They've thought of everything! And we're sure they're thinking of new things daily.

Here's a public bathroom in a department store. While it's a stand alone room, most of the features can be found in any well-appointed bathroom in Japan.

A family of five and a stroller fit with room to spare. There's a place to hang your kid. Cappuccino machine controls? No, the toilet.

No dirty feet allowed. A mini changing board is provided.

And the cutest bathroom? For the little kiddies.


  1. That. Is. Awesome. You know what they say, "The family that pees together..."

  2. Sarah wants to know, "What do they say?"

  3. The family in the bathroom is too funny. Btw, adorable kid...

  4. Love this! Other than the button for flushing sounds, did you get a chance to try the button that plays birds singing sounds?