Saturday, 22 September 2012

Kawaguchi-ko, Japan

Wanna get away from the bustle of Tokyo for a bit and soak up some nice lake scenery? Hop a bus for Kawaguchi-ko, a laid back resort village in the Mt Fuji Five Lakes area.

Get to the top of one of the lakeside mountains for a nice view.

Hit the trails for a scenic hike down the hill. Or skip the hill, head to the lake and get the fishing pole working.

Japan is so clean, the hardest core graffiti you might see is beautiful Japanese characters carved into moss. A man and dog, waiting, but not for each other.
Sarah and a new topiary friend.


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  1. What a lovely place! FYI in case you wonder - those characters in the moss says "Jesus loves you." - not that I read Japanese, but they are Kanji, happen to be the same as Chinese.