Saturday, 15 September 2012

Protests Arrive In Chennai

How quickly we're not immune. On Friday afternoon, the gentleness we've come to associate with Chennai and South India was punctured as protests that have spread across the Middle East and beyond arrived in our corner of the world.

A band of protestors targeted the U.S. Consulate here throwing stones and footwear and damaging the outside security window. Some tried to scale the perimeter wall. Fortunately, no one was injured and the local police arrested dozens of protestors. The action had been announced and the Consulate was closed ahead of the incident.

We are safe. The Consulate and State Department have done a wonderful job of briefing us and keeping us regularly updated on developments. Everyone has been professional and is working together during this time of crisis. It is heartening and an honor to be part of such a committed organization.

Here's is an article about the disturbance and another article from one of our local newspapers, The Hindu.

And here's a nice Op-Ed piece from The New York Times describing the challenges facing diplomats around the world. 


  1. Sarah!!!

    Holy Cow...please, stay safe. And ask James to give you a big hug for me. I miss our occasional chats. Been following the Marlins? No? Don't blame you...dismal!Montee and I are fine -- off to Jersey on Wednesday for the last three shows of the Springsteen tour. Bailey (11 years old) had a mini-stroke about five weeks ago, but has totally recovered...even playing a little frisbee now. Again, please be, Dan Norman

  2. Echoing the above ... Stay safe, my friends. You are in my thoughts for sure at this troubled time.
    Joe Jennings

  3. Thinking of you. Stay safe. Terah