Monday, 29 October 2012

Art Hopping To Naoshima

Naoshima was a typical Japanese island, populated mostly by a small community of folks who made their living fishing. The industry and the population were slowly dying and then the mighty publishing giant Benesse stepped in to revitalize the island through various art projects. Three beautiful museums and a handful of art projects later, Naoshima is on the international art-themed travel map. It got our attention.

The island is hilly and rural for the most part, with only a couple of one-street towns. Stroll around and you bump into site-specific sculpture that makes the most of the settings.

Checking out one of the beaches. No texting! A Naoshima landmark, a giant pumpkin.

Photo Op! Interacting with art!

More sculpture dotting the landscape, doubling as seating. A broken boat art installation at the beach.

Unfortunately, no snaps allowed of the various museums. Which is too bad because the buildings were art pieces in their own right, lovingly sited, built into the hilly landscape and quite dramatic inside. You'll have to go visit.

At least we can give you a taste. A couple eating outside a museum cafe, enjoying the view. The matching wardrobe is a little creepy.

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