Monday, 22 October 2012

Looks So Good You Can't Eat It

Everyone knows about Japanese restaurants using plastic food to show what's available at their fine establishment to passersby on the street. You don't? You're in for a treat (but not to eat)!

Here's a common scene, the exterior of a restaurant. Forget a waiter hawking a menu, they go for the full 3D display. Salivate, point and order.

Where does one get such beautiful plastic delicacies? Head to the kitchenware part of Tokyo and pop into the stores specializing in fake food. A regular grocery store of plastic.

You know you'll be able to grab sushi. The ever-popular pasta with levitating fork is a standard.

The meat and fish section, complete with lemon garnish and ice, all fake. Onto the vegetable section, a regular inedible horn of plenty.

The good stuff looks absolutely real. Check out this breaded panko chicken. It's the prices that suddenly also seem unreal. This entree will set you back about $70. But it's the meal that keeps on displaying. You've gotta pay for such good artistry. We topped out at a $15 sushi magnet. But it looks soo real, so worth it!

The biggest piece of plastic food we found? Easy, and it warmed our Maryland-born hearts.

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