Friday, 12 October 2012

Rocking It At Ryoan-ji

You know those mini rock gardens you see advertised in SkyMall and other consumer rags? The ones you plop on your desk or coffee table, that come with a mini rake thing? Lets you get all Zen up in your situation? We were lucky enough to go to the original source of such dismal imitation.

Ryoan-ji is the famous rock garden that's spawned so many lesser examples throughout the world. Located in west Kyoto, the garden is sublime: a walled rectangle area with white gravel surrounding 15 stones. There's lush moss around some of the rocks, depending on the season.

The garden.

It's obviously a popular place, little chance for solo reflection. But you can text! A woman, making a connection.

Rocks detail. Moss is left to go brown during dry times. The nifty arrangement of the rocks means you can't see all 15 rocks at one time, no matter where you stand. This design makes you walk around the garden, ever staring, reassessing the careful placement of everything. Like your life. For this gentleman, it's stress-filled. But for the three school girls, care free.

Our darling nephew certainly has it figured out. Ah, youth!

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