Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Castles in Japan? They've got it all. The feudal era fortress that dominates the little town of Himeji is well worth a visit. It's the biggest example of castle architecture in Japan and an iconic site for any movie depicting that era. Google anything with Shogun in the title and Himeji-jo will be looming.

The big boy.

Wait, why is the central donjon in a cakebox? Renovations, to be completed in 2016. Stick around for more details in our next post. How'd we get the first pic? A travel poster in the train station! You get your pics where you can. Of course, the castle has its own mascot. Hello Himeji-jo!

No matter on the renovation inconvenience, you can still get a good idea what the place looks like by concentrating on the fine rooflines and shapes of the smaller sections.

The drains are clever, using roof tiles for water guidance. Looking down an imposing wall.

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