Saturday, 27 October 2012

Supermegafantasticmonstertruck Japan

The vehicles in Japan are the most neat and efficient we've ever seen. No one drives around in whale-boat convertibles or big SUVs (unless you're an oblivious ex-pat). The design of choice is wagon-style, in all sorts of varying sizes, from little mini-box coupes to regular wagons to minivans. Utility is emperor.

So when we ran across this bad boy, it kind of shocked us. P*mp my truck.

Looking at the back, the ride comes complete with a detailed Pikachu-like mural. Perfect!

The details make the truck. How big a mirror do you need? Hubble telescope not available? Nice badging, did you snag that off a hip hop star? And nice extendo bumper, you probably don't even feel it when you hit someone.

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  1. That's Hayao Miyazaki's character Totoro :) He's a forest spirit.