Tuesday, 16 October 2012

To Market In Kyoto

There's nothing like strolling through a central city market in a foreign country to get an idea what everyday life (OK, at least stomachs) is like. Living in India has certainly been fascinating and our visit to Japan also didn't disappoint.

A stoic vendor, right out of central casting. We're not sure what we've got all marinated in what looks like beach sand. Might be daikon radishes and probably is delicious.

Bringing new and more authentic meaning to fish stick. What, no fish for you? Maybe you want your stick to be more octopi? Or mystery stick?

The local markets are always amazing for all the fresh food, the unusual items, the amazing prepared local delicacies. But sometimes you get a surprise. Anyone up for some western-style packaged pancakes? Anyone? Oh, you're into the stick. Have a pickle.

You know what you need to eat everything. That's right, step into this store that sells nothing but chopsticks.

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