Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Hello Cyclone Nilam

Did you think we could just sit idly by in India while your big, new girlfriend Sandy got all the press? Let her twist and turn and flood the hearts and minds of all those East Coasters back in the US of A? Well, we've got our own East Coast and it's called the Bay of Bengal. We're talking tiger. And it's roaring right now.

OK, don't go Google "Cyclone Nilam," because then we'll get embarrassed. It barely has a name. It is headed right toward us in Chennai, hitting tomorrow. Some wind, a bunch of rain -- more a meow than a Sandy-like roar. But it's not all dosas and sweet lime juice all the time in South India.

Storm junkies, get your fill here.

And the best part about coverage in India? How about this awesome hand-drafted storm update:

The art of the storm! 

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